figure [n1] numeral; numeric value amount, character, chiffer, cipher, cost, digit, integer, number, price, quotation, rate, sum, symbol, terms, total, worth; concepts 784,787 —Ant. letter figure [n2] form, shape; physical structure anatomy, appearance, attitude, bod*, body, build, carriage, cast, chassis*, configuration, conformation, constitution, delineation, development, frame, mass, measurements, outline, physique, pose, posture, proportions, shadow, silhouette, substance, torso; concepts 733,754,757 figure [n3] object with design; depiction cast, composition, decoration, device, diagram, drawing, effigy, embellishment, emblem, illustration, image, model, mold, motif, motive, ornamentation, pattern, piece, portrait, representation, sketch, statue; concepts 259,625 figure [n4] famous person celebrity, character, dignitary, force, leader, notability, notable, personage, personality, presence, somebody, worthy; concepts 354,423 —Ant. commoner figure [v1] calculate, compute add, cast, cipher, count, count heads*, count noses*, cut ice*, dope out*, enumerate, estimate, fix a price, foot*, guess, keep tabs*, number, reckon, run down, sum, summate, take account of, tally, tot*, total, totalize, tote*, tot up*, work out; concepts 197,764 —Ant. estimate, guess figure [v2] understand; decide, infer catch on to, cipher, clear up, comprehend, conclude, crack, decipher, decode, determine, discover, disentangle, dope out*, fathom, follow, get*, make heads or tails of*, make out*, master, opine, puzzle out, reason, resolve, rule, see, settle, solve, suppose, think, think out, unfold, unravel, unriddle, unscramble, untangle; concepts 15,18,37

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